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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Fall Fun

Just before Halloween, these folks came for a visit.  We trekked over to the local pumpkin patch.  We were anticipating a field of pumpkins or maybe some bins of pumpkins and we would pick out one or two and come on back home.  Such was not the case.  The local pumpkin patch had a whole lot more.  Take this photo backdrop for example...
There was a lot more than meets the eye...
There were so many things for folks of all ages to do.
One thing was the barrel train ride.  It was a cute little train with barrels mounted on an axel which could be hooked together and pulled around by a riding lawn tractor.
There were long troughs with different grains dumped into them where little fellows could use cups and scoops and dig and pour and fill and dump.

And then, simply start all over again.
There was a tractor for little fellows to climb upon and pretend to drive.
Making funny faces was also fun.
Making funny faces and posing behind a painted cutout was even funnier.
Especially when it was something new that a little fellow had never tried out before.
There was a hayride through the hills.
And a place for little fellows to pick a pumpkin of their own.
We had lots of fun and took in fall scenery and had some fall fun.